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LifeCycle understands that the key components of information management and retrieval are the quality and speed of the information retrieval itself, the ability to include many different information sources into the content "mix" such as lab books, third party content aggregators, external partner resources, collaborators, business intelligence and intellectual capital, through a personalized view of the information [portal] while maintaining security and rights management. LifeCycle has categorized information and built thesauri to speed up pharmaceutical companies' corporate product development cycles, support sales and marketing, and promote collaboration, research and e-publishing. LifeCycle will help your organization maintain your competitive advantage with assistance in these areas:

 Therapeutic use categorization Gene sequence link to literature
 Patent Equivalents and Current Awareness Clinical trial analysis
 Current and prospective partner tracking Information consolidation
 Specialized expertise access Product archive retrieval
 Usage reporting Pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs

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